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The town is located in the Goierri region in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa. Surrounded by green mountains, it is one of the smallest villages of Gipuzkoa.


Altzaga has only a few buildings, most of them situated beside the church of San Miguel, a building with a Latin-cross plan and made of ashlar stones. It houses a statue of San Miguel dressed as a Roman. The most outstanding building in town is the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Altzagarate, close to the town centre. It is believed that it was the town's first religious sanctuary, since it is quoted in some documents of the 16th century.


It houses a roman statue of Andra Mari. Among the civil constructions, it is worth mentioning Sarasola and Mendiola Houses, with wooden elements on its façade. As well as its historical heritage, Altzaga also offers the opportunity to have a lot of fun, especially at the festival that is held at the end of September honouring San Miguel. Bertsolariak (poets who improvise verses in Basque) and night open-air dances are some of the most significant events during those days.

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2.50 Km
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