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This small municipality in the comarca (county) of Tolosaldea nestles in the foothills of the Aralar massif beneath the mountain of Txindoki. As soon as we get there, we will bump into the ancestral Jauregui House, home to the Amezketa family.


This lineage took part in the wars among noble families that spread through the country in the Middle Ages. The present construction was beautifully rebuilt in the 15th century. Besides, another building that will catch our attention will be the church of San Bartolomé, which is located in the town centre and is characterised by its sobriety.


Mountainous landscape

Txindoki Mountain (1,346 m), also known as the Basque Cervino, stands out clearly in its whole splendour in the surroundings. Therefore, everyone who is fond of mountaineering will have the chance to go hiking across some local routes. When talking about Amezketa, it is essential to mention the emblematic figure of Fernando Bengoetxea Altuna, better known as Pernando Amezketarra.


He was an amusing shepherd that will always be remembered as a great comedian and "bertsolari" (poet who improvises verses in Basque). There is a popular book by Gregorio Mujika, titled like the name of this shepherd, in which Pernando's adventures are described.

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