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Arama, with only 190 inhabitants, covers an area of 1.3 square kilometres, being the smallest town in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa. Situated in the heart of the Goierri region, it extends up the slopes of Arriguntzagaña Mountain on the right bank of the Rivers Oria and Idiazabal. The town centre offers excellent views of the nearby mountains, where visitors will enjoy going for long walks.


The centre also accommodates the church of San Martin, which is the town's most identifying element. It was built on the place of an old hermitage, but it has successively been restored and extended to finally have the present appearance. The temple has a rectangular plan and a single nave covered by a barrel vault, and is home to a carving of the Virgin Mary. Besides, the culture house and the Iriarte and Iturrioz Farmhouses are also part of the town's architectural heritage. It should also be mentioned the Ibares Watermill, which was built on a bridge that long ago was the entrance to Arama.


Nowadays, the mill is still in operation and provides electricity for household use.

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Surface area
1.30 Km
No. of inhabitants