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Alava's Aramaio lies at the junction of Alava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa. Mountains and prairies surround the municipality, and that is the reason why green is the prevailing colour in the landscape.

Apart from the extraordinary natural scenery, we will also find many beautiful buildings worth visiting, such as the Aurtola Ironworks and the Salturri Farmhouse, both of them declared architectural heritage. Likewise, Aramaio is home to several churches, hermitages and other buildings constituting a rich historical and cultural heritage.

The surroundings offer tourists many routes and itineraries and the closeness of Ulibarri-Ganboa and Urrunaga Reservoirs allows the practice of many water sports.

In Aramaio we can also have a lot of fun, thanks to the various festivals held in the town's neighbourhoods throughout the year. One of the most important is Sagardogileen Eguna (Cider Brewers' Day), which takes place on the nearest Sunday to San Prudencio Day. Visitors will taste the best cider brewed in the farmhouses of the area.

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