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Arratzu belongs to Busturialdea region even though until 1992 this municipality was part of Gernika-Lumo. Arratzu, on the right shore of the River Golako, is mainly rural and is divided up into two neighbourhoods (Loiola-Elexalde und Zabala-Belendiz) Located in the western mountain range known as Gastiburu and the famous Arratzu House, Roman objects and remains were found in the area.


Moreover, its towers and fortress houses give evidence of the many battles occurred in the Middle Ages. We should mention Zubiaur Tower and Montalban Tower, placed on a high crest and rebuilt in the 15th Century. Arratzu hosts different historic monuments and buildings. The beautiful church of Santo Tomás Apóstol is the result of Baroque and Neo-classic reforms over a Renaissance basis, all the elements admirably developed. Likewise, Arratzu has many hermitages spread all over the municipality's neighbourhoods.


The patron saint festival takes place on December 21st, consecrated to Santo Tomás Apóstol.

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