Parish church of Santa María Magdalena


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The municipality of Arrigorriaga lies on rolling ground with some abrupt slopes, watered by the river Nervión, in Bizkaia province. The town is associated with a gory tale.


Those who drop by Arrigorriaga will be impressed by its buildings. We should stand out, for instance, the parish church of Santa María Magdalena, built in the 9th century but restored afterwards, making the sanctuary even more beautiful.


On the other hand, the hermitages of San Pedro de Abrisqueta and Santo Cristo de Landaederraga catch our attention. Two little gems whose structures preserve interesting architectonic characteristics that are worth admiring. Likewise, Arriagorriaga¿s excellent civil buildings should also be mentioned. Towerhouses and workers houses are some of the structures we will come across on downtown streets.


The Secret of the Red Stones, a trip to the past


Legend has it that the battle of Padura was so bloody that the stones in the river where it flowed through Arrigorriaga were stained red. To find out about this and other traditions, you can take an interesting tour of the municipality.


The Secret of the Red Stones is a trip to the past of the Basque Autonomous Region through Arrigorriaga's history and attempts to show visitors, in a 1,5 km-long route, the main interesting spots of the locality. The itinerary is made in a particular way, with no time limit and consists of 8 stops, where by means of audio-guides (available at the reception) we will get to know the topic explained in each stop, such as Basque mythology, the origins of the Basque¿ The adventure in the comic can be downloaded from the website of the Secret of the Red Stones, which will give us the same information but in a more pleasant and enjoyable way.


Moreover, there is always place for celebrations in Arrigorriaga and any given day is good for a bit of fun. Not in vain, the patron saint festival takes place on July 22nd honouring Santa Maria Magdalena. All sorts of activities full of joy and good humour are organised throughout the festival.

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