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  • Asteasu
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  • Asteasu


Situated at the foot of the mountain of Ernio (1,075m), Asteasu has an open personality thanks to the width of its valley and its gentle terrain. It has two population centres: Elizmendi, on a small hill crowned by the church of San Pedro, and Kalea, the larger of the two.


The town hall is one of the most significant buildings of Asteasu and dates back to 1760. The church of San Pedro and the hermitages of Santa Cruz and Santa Marina are also worth a visit. An outstanding feature of the town is the great number of farmhouses, which emphasise the rural environment of Asteasu.


Festivities and fairs with lots of tradition

The town's patron saint festival, San Pedro's Day, is celebrated on June 29th. Another festival is held in July, the festivity of Santa Marina.


Visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy the livestock, crafts and farm produce fair that takes place in September and to become acquainted with the Basque typical products.

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