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Ataun is located in the South of Gipuzkoa, in the Valley of Goierri.

It is the longest village in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa. Its main neighbourhoods are: San Martín, San Gregorio and Aia. On the other hand, the River Agauntza flows throughout the municipality which, among others, is protected by Sarastarri, Areetza and Aitxu Mountains.

Coins dating back to the Roman Empire were discovered in Ataun. The municipality, founded in 1616, has seen, all through its history, travellers on its way to Santiago, doing the Way of Saint James also known as the Road to Santiago.

Aralar Natural Park

The municipality borders on Navarre and comprises Aralar Natural Park. Besides, the Domo de Ataun or Aitzartea is considered a nice geologic phenomenon. The municipality's caves are also worth mentioning: Troskaeta, Sarastarri and Intzartzu.

On the other hand, Ataun offers the visitor many areas to saunter and trips that show its history and heritage. We should mention the church of San Martín de Tours, dating back to the 16th century, and Zubikoeta and Zelabear Palaces.

The patron saint festival of Ataun's Aia neighbourhood is consecrated to Santa Isabel, on July 2nd. The San Gregorio neighbourhood's festival is held on September 3rd. On the other hand, the whole municipality's main festivals are on May 15th, San Isidro, and November 11th, San Martín.

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