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Located in the southeast of Bizkaia, Atxondo is formed by the old towns of Apatamonasterio, Arrazola and Axpe after they merged into one in 1962.

It is situated in a strongly rough area, near Urkiola Natural Park, protected in the south by mountains which rise more than 1,000 metres high.

Placed in the centre of Apatamonasterio, where the largest number of inhabitants gathers, we will notice the beginning of a 5 km-walk passing through Atxondo Valley. Until 1920 that was the itinerary of a narrow-track mining train. The trip, on which Anboto Mountain (1,331 m) can be seen, is completely flat and enables enjoying, comfortably, the valley's mountains and the country houses fused with the landscape. Moreover, all through the walk we will find some fountains and restaurants to taste the excellent local gastronomy.

A complex consisting of tower and temple

Without realising, we will arrive in the tower and temple consecrated to San Martín de Marzana. It belonged to one of the most powerful families in the valley.

In case our visit takes place at the end of June, we will enjoy the festival of San Juan y San Pedro. During the festival theatre and music activities are organised and fun floods Atxondo streets.

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