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Sheltered by the massif of Izarraitz in the comarca (county) of Urola Medio, is the Gipuzkoan municipality of Azpeitia.

Our first stop could be the sanctuary of Loiolawhich is Azpeitia's most emblematic architectural complex. The Baroque building has a circular ground plan and a majestic dome. Another building that is worth a visit is Loiola Tower-house, next to the shrine and home of Saint Ignatius of Loiolathe most famous Basque ever and the founder of the Christian religious order of the Society of Jesus.

This amazing place has become a well-known tourist destination worldwide. This municipality offers views of the imposing Izarraitz massif, with striking rock formations on its ridges. The paths on this massif can take you to some magical spots, spectacular peaks like Erlo, Xoxote and Kakueta, the latter actually belonging to the neighbouring locality of Azkoitia.

The municipality boasts three interesting museums that are worth a visit. The Basque Railway Museum, the Ingurugiro Etxea Museum and the Santa Casa and the Casa Torre of the Loiola family. We would highlight the Basque Railway Museum, which offers a view of Basque railway history with an exhibition of over seventy fully restored and working pieces of rolling stock, making it one of the most important museums of its kind in Europe.

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