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This coastal villa is located in the historical territory of Bizkaia, in the Uribe region.

Barrika's seaboard is protected by several cliffs, drawing a beautiful landscape.

A beach, the sea and archaeological remains

We can begin our trip on Barrika Beach, ideal for long and relaxed walks. Likewise, we should mention the River Butrón because it flows through the municipality from Ardanza neighbourhood to its mouth in the Bay of Biscay. Ideal spot for fishers, water sports can also be practised. Moreover, we can visit archaeological sites in the surroundings of Kurtzio Mountain, being able to enjoy the remains of past times.

If our visit takes place at the end of June, we will enjoy the festival of San Juan. Among the different activities, it should be highlighted the bonfire on San Juan day's Eve.

Information of interest

Surface area
7.80 Km
No. of inhabitants