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Bermeo is located on the seaside, in the Busturialdea region. It is one of the main ports in the historical territory.

Placed in the foothills of Sollube Mountain, its coastline presents many cliffs and rocks such as San Juan de Gaztelugatxe and Aketx and Izaro Islands. There are some inlets too, as the one formed by Matxitxako cape.

Bermeo, a peculiar and charming municipality

The municipality has a peculiar charm and personality. Moreover, we will have the opportunity of visiting its abundant cultural heritage. Beginning with Néstor Basterretxea's tributary monument to Benito Barrueta; we will carry on with the landscape through its opening and we will notice that Izaro Island fits in the opening, thus creating an outstanding visual impact. From there, we will arrive in the Fishermen's Museum located in Ercilla Tower and, besides, we will visit Bermeo's casino, resembling a French Palace.

Finally, we will visit the church of Santa Eufemia, of Gothic style. In Bermeo's centre, on the coast of Bizkaia, there are spectacular spots that will captivate the visitor. The beautiful Izaro Island, Matxitxako Cape, and Tala, a great wood located in the municipality's upper part, are just a few of the outstanding elements.

Likewise, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, one of the most visited spots in the historical territory of Bizkaia, belongs to the municipality of Bermeo and is 8 kilometers from the city center. Besides, if we visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe on San Juan Day the landscape is even more spectacular due to the religious celebration of that day. The patron saint festival takes place on September 7th, consecrated to the Nuestra Señora de Almike, Bermeo's patron saint. We should also highlight September 9th, Fishermens' Day, a very typical celebration. Moreover, July 22nd, consecrated to Magdalena, is special too for Bermeo's population. 

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