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Guipuzkoa's Berrobi is located in the Tolosaldea region, in the River Berastegi Valley, on the slope of Uzturre Mountain (730m) and just 5km from Tolosa. As soon as we arrive in Berrobi, we will be fascinated by its rural landscape.


Many farmhouses extend in length and breadth in all directions forming a cosy picture. Green woods and meadows form the mountainous enclave. When we walk into the town centre, we will discover many treasures the streets have. Next to the Town Hall, of wood and brick structure, are several striking houses: Arbide, Muñagorri and Iriarte.


The last one dates back to the 12th century and its facade is very interesting to observe. It also stands out the church of San Andrés, dating back to the 16th century and owning a Baroque tower, main chapel, a choir and a porch in front of the Town Hall. Following the nice route, to get one's strength back there is nothing better than trying some of Berrobi's cherries and strawberries, well known for their quality and taste.

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