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Bidania-Goiatz  was formed by joining together the towns of Bidania and Goiatz. Under the shelter of Mount Ernio, the town is located in the Tolosaldea region in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa. It belongs to the Tolosaldea region, which is more than 500m above the sea level and surrounded by farmhouses, forests and mountains.


Mount Ernio is 1,075m high and its beautiful summit is very frequented by mountaineers. Isolated from main communication networks, Bidegoian knows how to keep the essence of the rural Gipuzkoa. Besides, the isolation contributed to maintain the nature surrounding the municipality in perfect conditions, so that it offers many chances for visits and walks.


Bidania and Goiatz

Bidania is the centre of population with the major number of inhabitants. In the urban area stands out the church of San Bartolomé. A building of big proportions, a rectangular base, a tower on the main facade and the Town Hall. Very close to the urban area is the Iriarte Palace. It dates back to the 17th century, with a beautiful coat of arms on its last floor. In Goiatz, we can pay a visit to the church of Asunción, an interesting construction that has a semi-detached pelota court.


Whoever decides to visit Bidegoian in August will experience first hand the town's festivities, since Bidania's festival takes place on August 24th and Goiatz's on the 15th.

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