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Durango is an attractive municipality in the comarca (county) of El Duranguesado, crossed by the river Mañaria, is close to the Urkiola nature park, an outstanding natural area offering both pleasant walks and ascents of peaks such as Anboto (1,331 m), Alluitz (1,040 m) and Mugarra (964 m).

What is more, Durango presents an interesting architectural heritage. Its old quarter is home to endless monuments of historical value. In terms of religious architecture, there are two important buildings to stress in the old part of the town: the parish church of Santa Ana, Baroque sanctuary located by the arch of the same name, and the church of María Uribarri standing out because of its Gothic interior and its huge portico with wooden cover.

Moreover, Kurutziaga Cross is Durango's most precious gem, as well as Lariz Tower, and the Town Hall itself, which displays an interesting façade. With a porch of seven half-point arches, it has a balcony on its first floor and outstanding paintings decorating the last two floors.

Culture and Festivities

With regard to cultural elements, we'd like to mention San Agustín Culture Centre, which houses theatre, dancing and music shows. On the other hand, Durango's Art and History Museum, at the Etxezarreta Palace, proposes a journey through the village's history as it displays fundamental historic documents.

Durango's patron Saint festival is consecrated to San Fausto, in mid-October. The Basque Book and Record Fair is very popular too. It takes place in mid-December at Landako Gunea, an exhibition site or recent construction that accommodates every type of events.

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