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Elduain is located in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa, within the Tolosaldea region, in an uneven and mountainous area with three main mountains: Urdelar, Ibini and Gaztelu.


Predominance of rural atmosphere

Elduain has many interesting spots that show its historical heritage, such as the parish church of Santa Catalina, with a Romanesque facade from the 13th century and a Baroque tower. Regarding the hermitage of Santa Cruz, it is located high up in Elduain. But its main features are the country houses that show the Tolosaldea region's rural character.


Elduain's main festival takes place in early September, where the visitor will enjoy the typical festivals that characterise small towns such as Elduain.

Information of interest

Surface area
25.20 Km
No. of inhabitants