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The locality of Errenteria in Gipuzkoa province, along with its industrial past, has the largest old quarter in the area.

As well as the landscapes the Añarbe forest reserve has to offer, the river Oiartzun runs across the locality, on the last stretch of its course from its source in Bianditz to its mouth in Pasaia bay. Errenteria is divided up into four clearly distinguished areas: the northern area, where we can find the Aizpitarte Caves; the middle area, where the farmhouses are settled; the western area with San Marcos and Txoritokieta Mountains; and finally, the northern area, where the town and the industrial area are located.

A walk through Errenteria

Errenteria offers visitors many routes to do some hiking such as Añarbe reserved forest (located in Aiako Harria Natural Park) and San Marcos, which is one of the favourite places of the town's people for a walk. Besides, the fort of San Marcos high up on the mountain was useful at the Carlist Wars and the Civil War, from which views of San Sebastián and Pasaia, of spectacular beauty, are noticeable. Regarding Errenteria's cultural heritage, the church of Nuestra Señora de Asunción should be mentioned, as well as many convents and hermitages, the Augustinian Convent and the basilica of Santa María Magdalena.

Inside the historic centre, and located in the Kapitainenea mansion, is the Museum of Basque Costume, where we can learn about the evolution of clothing over the centuries and discover the history of fashion and the way of dressing in Basque Country. Leaving the historic centre and following the course of the river Oiartzun through the cycling path in the direction of Arditurri we pass through another of the buildings with a lot of history in Errenteria, the Mill of Fandería- River House, which dates from the 15th century. Nowadays you can see the mechanism and the stones of the mill in operation and learn more about the mill and our cultural and fluvial heritage.

The municipality holds two important cultural events: Musikaste, which is celebrated since 1974 during the second fortnight of May; and Atlantikaldia, an encounter between cultures and a music festival, the third week of September.

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