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Deep in the heart of the valley of Leniz, Eskoriatza is a small town located in the Alto Deba region. It offers numerous attractions to visitors: an interesting architectural heritage, beautiful landscapes to practise different sports such as hiking, climbing, paragliding, and so on. Zaraia and Elgea Mountain ranges encompass the town, which if formed by a main urban centre and seven neighbourhoods concentrated around churches (Marin, Zarimutz, Mazmela, Bolibar, Apozaga, Mendiola and Gellano) that have great personality and charm.


The town is organised around two streets: Aranburuzabala and Arana, where many samples of the popular architecture will be admired; wooden-structure houses most of them made of masonry, despite some ground floors still keep ashlar elements. We will find the main square at the junction of these two streets, close to where the magnificent parish church of San Pedro and the Town Hall are situated. The latter was made of ashlar at the beginning of the 19th century and has a porch with three arches. Near the Town Hall the Museum Escuela de Eskoriatza shows visitors the evolutionary perspective from prehistory to the digital era and it is equipped with several workshops offering activities and games. The Santísimo Rosario Hospital, which was declared county's artistic and historical monument, and the current university of Mondragón, is an interesting building. The kiln of Zubiarte should also be an essential stop in our visit, Basque monument of cultural heritage. It operated in the 19th and 20th centuries to produce ceramics for common use.


A trip around the neighbourhoods encompassing churches

There are many routes that enable us to get to know the rural neighbourhoods of Eskoriatza. The trip along the former Basque-Naverre railway crosses Marín, Mazmela and Zarimutz (on the way to Leintz-Gatzaga), which are neighbourhoods encompassing churches (anteiglesias). There, we will highlight the following buildings: Isasi, the hermitage of San Bartolomé and the parish church of San Pedro respectively. The neighbourhood of Bolibar is full of attractions: megalithic monuments found in the Zaraia Mountain range, the hermitage of Santa Cruz and the remains of a 12th century castle located on the summit of the Aitzorrotz Mountain and the hermitage of San Pedro and its beautiful wooden-vault on the side of Aitzorrotz. From this summit it is possible to practise paragliding, whereas the Axtroki area is very frequented by climbing enthusiasts. Besides, in the neighbourhood of Apozaga excellent views of the Anboto and Udalatx Mountains will delight tourists. It is worth mentioning the neighbourhood's singular cemetery, which is round, and the country houses in the area.


Neighbours of Eskoriatza celebrate the town's patron Saint festival at the end of June. Streets are flooded with music and joyful atmosphere. Besides, Aitzorrotz Day is celebrated on May's first Sunday; a "romeria" (local country fiesta connected to sanctuaries and hermitages) takes place in the hermitage of Santa Cruz.

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