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Located on the border with Iparralde, the French Basque Country, Irun has been the setting for some epic battles, which destroyed much of its heritage.

Nevertheless, over 2,000 years of history have left it with a unique architectural legacy that is worth a visit. Moreover, picturesque hills like Peñas de Aia (837 m) and Jaizkibel (545 m), as well as the peak of San Marcial, surround this municipality in Gipuzkoa province.

There are numerous places that are worth visiting such as the hermitage of Santa Elena, for example, close to the old part of the town, where several archaeological remains have been found, and has been used as a place for worship for over 20 centuries. The elegant church of Juncal, which is home to a Gothic image of the virgin of Juncal, is the most ancient in Gipuzkoa.

To finish up with the historical heritage, it should be noted that the Urdania Palace is a beautiful Renaissance building. We'll continue the visit with the town's emblematic hermitage of San Marcial, located in the mountain area and from the vantage point close to it; we will enjoy the fascinating scenery offered by the Bay of Txingudi.

Plaiaundi Ecological Park, privileged natural enclave

Regarding the natural environment, we should not forget the granite Peña de Aia Mountain that hides several treasures. Nature lovers will also have the chance to visit the Plaiaundi Ecological Park, housing a wide range of plants and animals. In the middle of the River Bidasoa, Irun and the neighbouring Hendaye share the Faisanes Isle, which is a gorgeous enclave that witnessed many conferences in the 17th century.

If we are planning a visit at the end of June, we will have a great time at the traditional festival of San Marcial. The "Alarde" (literally means "a military review") is the central event of the festivity that commemorates the town's victory against the French soldiers in 1522. On June 30th, thousands of citizens wearing uniforms march towards San Marcial Mountain and celebrate a crowded open-air festival.

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