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Iruña Oka /Iruña de Oca

This municipality located on the plain of Álava is made up of five villages. Of special interest is Nanclares de Oca, which has the most amenities. The area preserves a rich cultural heritage. Nanclares de la Oca, for instance, keeps some interesting buildings such as the parish church of Asunción de Nuestra Señora or a great fountain with thirteen pipes at the Mayor Square. Near the urban area there are three towers: Vayagüen, El Encinal and Almoreta. Whereas the first one is undergoing a reconstruction process, the other two ones have become an exhibition hall and a youth hostel, respectively.


Trespuentes Roman Bridge and Iruña-Veleia archaeological site

Likewise, we should visit Trespuentes Roman Bridge, over the River Zadorra. The bridge, with its thirteen semi-circular arches, is one of the most relevant constructions in the municipality. In this village we can also find the remains of the monastery of Santa Catalina, near Badaya Mountain Range. Nowadays the monastery has a beautiful botanical garden, where visitors will enjoy hundreds of autochthonous plants as well as rare species from other spots of the planet e.g. Australia or Chile.


Not far away from this place, in Villodas, we will find one of the treasures of the municipality: the Iruña-Veleia Archaeological Complex. No doubt one of the most important Roman archaeological sites in the Basque Autonomous Region.

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