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Ispaster is located in the historical territory of Bizkaia, in the Lea Artibai region, and hills, caves and potholes form its landscape.

Even if Elexalde neighbourhood is its centre, Ispaster's main characteristic is its dispersed rural neighbourhoods.

We'll begin our trip in Elexalde, the municipality's centre. We can visit the beautiful parish church of San Miguel, from the Renaissance period and with six altarpieces in it. Moreover, Ispaster has several hermitages that complete the municipality's religious architecture: San Martín, placed on a hill, Santiago, gothic building in a lonely spot and, finally, the small but beautiful hermitage of Santa Cruz, located in Mendazona neighbourhood.

Ispaster and its surroundings

Likewise, we'll visit Aixeder mill, whose structure is the only feature kept nowadays after its transformation in a house. Near Lekeitio we'll find Zubieta palace, one of the nicest in Bizkaia: a great and beautiful Baroque work located beside the river Lea. Once visited the historical heritage we can have a relaxing walk through Otoio mountain (399m), which offers a great view of the coast.

On the other hand, Ogeia cosy beach forms a captivating landscape. Ispaster's patron saint festival takes place on July 25-27, consecrated to Santiago and Santa Ana; likewise, the festivals of San Martín and San Miguel are also worth mentioning.

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