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Izurtza, located in a mountainous area very close to Durango, belongs to the Duranguesado region, near Durango.


Several buildings form Izurtza's historic heritage. Among them, we'd like to mention Etxaburu tower house, located in a nice spot below Mugarra Mountain, and Izurtza or Bekotorre tower-houses. The beautiful church of San Nicolás, dating back to the 16th century and placed beside the pelota court, in the main square of the village.


This mountainous area is located in an unbeatable spot, below Urkiola Natural Park. From there we can enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding mountains because it dominates a beautiful landscape of tower-houses and oak woods.


Izurtza celebrates many festivals all through the year; the festival of Nuestra Señora de Erdoiza, on September 8, and the festival of San Nicolás de Bari, on December 6, are the main ones. 

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4.30 Km
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