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Belonging to the historical territory of Bizkaia, Kortezubi is within the Busturialdea region.


Its mountainous formations facilitated the creation of caves, the main banner of the municipality. We can begin our route with one of the most famous caves, Santimamiñe, discovered in 1916, located in the incomparable neighbour of Basondo. The cave hosts archaeological remains dating from the beginning of the Palaeolithic to the Roman Empire's era, unique in Bizkaia.


There are also several animal paintings as well as stalagmites. On the other hand, the Sagastigorri cave was excavated in 1958 and its pieces are very well kept.


The Oma Forest, magical place in Kortezubi

Once discovered the archaeological treasures of the caves, we'll visit different monuments in the village such as the church of Santiago, Gothic style building that is home to a golden retable. Likewise, we'll like to mention the Oma Forest, a little village whose trees and stones were painted by the artist Agustín Ibarrola. Merging of nature and art that allows enjoying the paintings while having a walk.

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