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Larrabetzu is located in the historical territory of Bizkaia and belongs to Txorierri valley. The village's old part, declared Historic Monument, was rebuilt following Neo-classical patterns. One of the main buildings is the church of San Emeterio y San Celedonio that possesses one of the best altarpieces in the historical territory.


Architectural compund

The square's buildings form a beautiful architectural compound; among them we'd like to mention Ikaza palace, which dates back to the 15th century and is located next to the Town Hall. Nearby we'll find Anguleri palace, a cubic building of great artistic and ethnographic interest because it merges features both by palaces and country houses.


Moreover, Larrabetzu is located in a privileged spot and belongs to the so-called Coastal Way of Saint James, thus becoming resting-place for pilgrims. This municipality holds many festivals all through the year but its patron saint festival takes place in the middle of May, consecrated to San Isidro.

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Surface area
21.50 Km
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