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Very close to Bilbao is the fast-growing municipality of Leioa.

Many people from neighbouring localities have moved to this municipality and the population is now highly dispersed between the different neighbourhoods of the three main built-up areas, Elexalde, Artaza and Lamiako.

Even if there is no old part in Leioa, Ondiz, Peruri and Elexalde neighbourhoods are home to many interesting buildings. We'll begin our visit in Elexalde, the village's main core, where we can see the Town Hall from the 19th century and the beautiful church of San Juan Bautista, dating back to 1526.

Close to the ria, in Ondiz neighbourhood we can visit Andra Mari hermitage and its wide meadows where we can have a nice rest and go for pleasant walks. Peruri, on the other hand, will amaze visitors because of the great number of country houses that contrast with the urban setting downtown. On the other hand, the majestic Artaza palace located in a vast park constitutes a great lordly compound. Likewise, Errekalde mill, Altzaga medieval tower and Mendibile country house and the hermitage of San Bartolomé are worth visiting too.

Festivities and Theatre Fair

Finally, San Bartolomé hermitage, surrounded by a little park, holds different popular events all through the year such as the Humour Fair, a meeting point for circus, theatre and music shows by artists from all over the world. Leioa's neighbourhoods have their own festivals but the municipality's patron Saint festival takes place on June 24, consecrated to San Juan Bautista.

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