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Situated in the beautiful Ayala valley and crossed by the river Nervión, Llodio is a locality that offers many leisure options, combining rural and urban settings. It is also set amid mountains, making it ideal for nature lovers.

These mountains offer a range of walking and cycling routes on which to enjoy the fine landscapes that surround this municipality. Laudio/Llodio offers many leisure opportunities, combining rural and urban setting. On the one hand, it is situated in a mountainous area where nature lovers can enjoy mountain biking and hiking routes, as well as the beautiful scenery encompassing the town.

Second largest town

The bustling streets of Llodio are full of shops and other establishments, largely due to its high population density, being the second-biggest town in Álava province.

Besides, Laudio/Llodio offers an interesting entertainment agenda. Every month of the year is packed with events such as theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions, and a great many others. Two are the most remarkable festivals: the Viernes de Dolores Fair that is held just before Easter and that has a long tradition among locals; and the festival in honour of town's patron saint San Roque, which kicks off on August 15th. The last Saturday of the month the town celebrates one of the most crowded festivals, which is the popular Black Pudding Day.

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