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Mallabia, located on the foothill of Oiz Mountain (1.026m), presents a strong rural character. Mountains prevail in its surroundings and the main neighbourhood, Areitio, is surrounded by green meadows. We'll begin our trip in Mallabia's main religious building: the church of the Asunción. Its origins go back to the 11th century and the church hosts an excellent Baroque altarpiece. On the other hand, Mallabia stands out because of its beautiful lordly houses such as Amézaga palace, located beside the parish church, Urizar county house in Berano neighbourhood and Mallea and Zengotita Bengoa houses. From Zengotita neighbourhood we will notice the municipality of Mallabia and its beautiful valleys. Likewise, it constitutes an exceptional resting-place that offers the opportunity of practising several sports in a natural landscape: climbing, mountain bike, potholing and, above all, trekking. There is a path that leads to the Oiz summit, where in the past general assemblies were called. Mallabia, moreover, houses many hermitages that hold their own festivals. However, Mallabia's patron saint festival takes place in mid-August, consecrated to Andra Mari, and rural sports have a relevant role within it.

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