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Meñaka is located in Uribe-Butroe region, in Bizkaia, only 5 kilometres from Mungia. The municipality consists of four neighbourhoods Ametzas, Emerandos, Meñakabarrena and Mesterika, which offers most of the services. This rural village is placed on the foothill of Sollube Mountain (686 m), although it also provides flat lands suitable for agriculture. Thus, many farmhouses were built in the area between the 16th and 19th centuries, among others, we must remark the constructions Otuna, Beletakoerrota ¿with a wood-fired oven- and Jauregi, which still maintains its old mill.


Steles and bust of Mesterika

Meñaka hosts a rich historic and artistic heritage. The hermitage of Andra Mari is located in Meñakabarrena neighbourhood and dates back to the 16th Century. It has a rectangular design and its walls are made in masonry and ashlar. The hermitage is thought to have been the former church of Meñaka, since some graves from the 7th and 8th centuries have been discovered. Some steles of these graves were found in the walls of the temple. In the hermitage Santillandi de Mesterika turned up some funerary steles, although the most important discovery is without question the bust of Mesterika. This is a female bust, a typical funerary sculpture of Celtic or Roman cultures, which is kept up nowadays in the Bilbao Ethnographic Museum.


Natural environment

The magnificent natural landscape offers the visitor many relaxing routes. The ascent to Sollube Mountain, for instance, is an adequate itinerary both for mountain bike and trekking. August is the best month to visit the village. Apart from the cultural and natural treasures, we'll enjoy the patron saint festival, consecrated to San Roque and San Lorenzo.

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