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At this small rural town in the Lea-Artibai region, the colours of both the Gulf of Biscay and the mountains join creating a picturesque landscape.

Mendexa is located over a low hill, just three kilometres from Lekeitio, from which visitors can enjoy some excellent views of the coast.

Neighbourhoods Iturrieta, Leagi and Likoa and the small settle Zelaia form the municipality of Mendaxa. In the town centre, the church of San Pedro Apostól (16th c.) mixes both gothic and baroque characteristics. Inside it keeps a Romanesque sculpture of Santa María (13th c.) and its façade includes the belfry.

The country houses spread along the different neighbourhoods of Mendexa represent the civil architecture of the town. For instance, we find in Likona the oldest country house in town, the Likona house, from the 16th century. In Leagi, on the other hand, we can see Gasparrena country house (18th c.), which is very well maintained. In Leagi it is also to visit the chapel of Santa Lucia, from the 16th century; the beautiful Leagi tower-house or the Lea-Goikoa palace, a grand neoclassical building.

Karraspio and the marshes

One of the most interesting spots in Mendexa is its Karraspio beach, which offers amazing views of the Isle of San Nicolás. Karraspio is one of the most beatiful beaches in Bizkaia and in its surroundings we will find a recreational area. Mendeza begin in Lea River's mouth, where the Arropain marsh is located. This place is a resting spot for migratory birds. In Arropain we will find also the old Marierrota mill (16th c.), which used to work at low and high tide. In front of the mill, by the river, we find the remains of the old Lea´s shipyards.

Finally, Mendexa's main festival takes place in the beginning of August. Its main event is the so-called "Mahaiganieko dantza", dance performed over a table.

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