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  • Church of San Miguel Arcángel
  • House in Mutiloa


Mutiloa is located in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa within the Goierri region. This little town is situated on the slope of the Aizkorri massif.


The vast landscape of Mutiloa will catch out attention as soon as you get there. There are several country houses spread all over the area apart from the town, and all of them along with the village are built surrounding the church of San Miguel, a beautiful construction with ribbed vaults that was built by Felipe de Azurmendi. The town hall is next to the church and dates from the 19th century.


The hermitage of Lierni, outstanding building

Following the route through Mutiloa will notice the mill Errotatxoa, which is still running. The hermitage of Lierni is worth a visit, not only due to its beauty but also to the hermitage's symbolic meaning, since the Virgin of Lierni is considered the patron Saint of fertility. Therefore, many people go there to make requests and promises. An important "romeria" (local country fiesta usually connected to sanctuaries and hermitages) is held on September 8th, where music and joyful atmosphere are the protagonists.

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