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Crossing green fields and mountains brings you to Muxika, where you can explore its different neighbourhoods and soak up its culture and its historic heritage. The route begins in the locality of San Román, where you can visit the landmark fortified house of Muxika, dating from the 16th century. Nearby is the picturesque chapel of San Román, a Romanesque building which is a fine example of rural religious architecture.


Once visited Etxezarreta palace and Olabarri mill in the neighbourhood of Zugastieta, we'll arrive in the beautiful medieval church of Santa María. Nearby we'll find the small village of Unda, which stands out, because of its medieval country houses, such as Undagoitia and Undajauregi.


Astoagana, the oldest and best kept medieval spot in Bizkaia

The neighbourhood of Maguna, on the other hand, hosts historically very important features, such as the Baroque hermitage of San Lorenzo. Moreover, the whole municipality is surrounded by a marvellous natural landscape with awesome views. We'd like to mention the Astoagana road, the oldest and best kept medieval spot in Bizkaia.


Muxika, besides, hosts many festivals all through the year but its patron Saint festival takes place on August 9, consecrated to San Román.

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