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Otxandio is located in a mountainous area, in the historical territory of Bizkaia, and belongs to the river Arratia-Nervión. It is situated in the southerner area of the territory, and its Plaza Mayor Square has a highest architectural value, constituting the key figure of the town, which is the best spot to admire the Town Hall, the church of Santa Mariñe, Fuente de Vulcano Font and the Culture Centre.


The Town Hall was built in 1742 and declared national heritage, as it is the most representative building in Otxandio. The quality of its masonry, the three coats or arms on its facade and the sundial are its most remarkable features. The church of Santa Mariñe, dating back to the 16th century, will amaze visitors with is impressive tower and the great unifying nave of Renaissance style.


The 19th century culture centre and the Fuente de Vulcano Font, devoted to the God of the Fire in recognition of the importance of smelting in the town's history, encompass along with the "bolatoki" (bowling alley) and pelota court a unique collection. Beyond the square the visitor cannot leave out the majestic houses on the Uribarrena street with its historical coats of arms as well as the Former Hospital.


Nowadays the hospital is a residential home for the elderly built in 1722 with funds given by a native who made his fortune in America. Finally, the hermitage of San Martín is on a cosy beechtree forest that contrasts the simplicity with a great historical value. An exceptional natural environment surrounds Otxandio, as the town is on the borderline between two Natural Parks: Urkiola and Gorbeia.


Besides, part of its lands are occupied by theUrrúnaga swamp, where it is possible practising several water sports such as rowing, fishing. The patron Saint festivals honouring Santa Marina are held on July the 18th. Along with San Bernabé festival (in the neighbourhood of Mekoleta) and the farm fair in mid-December, those are the festivals in Otxandio.

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