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Located in the historical territory of Alava, Salvatierra/Agurain belongs to the homonym municipality.

It is placed between the Entzia and Iturrieta Mountain Ranges, with spectacular beech woods, and is formed by five towns among which Salvatierra/Agurain stands out, as it is the administrative capital of the area and has a medieval old part surrounded by a wall. It was declared Official Complex of Monuments in 1975.

The old part is divided up into three main streets: Zapatari, Carnicería and Mayor. The latest is home to the churches of Santa María and San Juan Bautista, both with altarpieces from the 16th century. Moreover, we would like to underline that the Way of Saint James passes through the municipality.

Nature and prehistoric remains

The landscape offers many routes, both hiking and mountain bike routes. Thus, we will know every detail hidden in the surroundings. It is worth visiting some of the megalithic monuments in the surroundings: the dolmen of Sorginetxe in Arrizala, the cromlech of Mendiluze and the menhir of Itaida, situated in Entzia Mountain Range. Those remains are near Opakua Mountain Pass and are very well maintained, which shows their historical interest.

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