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Sopuerta is one of the most ancient chartered municipalities and one of those with the most history behind it, especially because of its past as part of the mining world.

The faction towers spread through the landscape near the river draw the visitor's attention.

The village was very important in the Middle Ages due to its strategic location. Garai and Puente towers testify the history developed in Sopuerta. Moreover, we can't leave the place without visiting the church of San Martín. Its interior is quite relevant from the artistic point of view, as can be seen in its nave and altarpieces. Likewise, we'd like to mention the old roman causeway leading to Urrutia tower. Walking along it we will admire the Medieval Roman Bridge and other interesting spots in Sopuerta.

Mining installations in Sopuerta, artistic monument

On the other hand, Sopuerta is known due to its two calcining kilns of minerals, declared historical monument. In fact, the Encartaciones region was rich in iron and this helped the area to develop.

If our visit takes place in August, we'll enjoy the festival of San Roque. On the other hand, there are two livestock fairs through the year, a great opportunity to know the mentioned activity in detail.

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