Church of San Pedro de Romaña


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Located in the western part of Bizkaia, belongs to the Encartaciones region. Different neighbourhoods form this municipality protected by Los Jorrios (847 m) and Armañón (854 m) mountains. The municipality houses very interesting buildings, both civil and religious. We'll begin our trip in the church of San Pedro de Romaña, of Gothic style but with Renaissance elements too.


This church was declared Historical Heritage of Bizkaia. Afterwards we'll visit San Roque hermitage, located in a beautiful spot. On the other hand we'd like to mention La Puente palace, located facing the church and dating back to the late 18th century. In addition to this, between the 14th and 15th centuries many tower were constructed. Routes through the urban area and the mountain Apart from the historical visit, we can enjoy relaxing moments. For that purpose, we recommend a walk along Agüera River till Basinagre neighbourhood.


Once there, we'll admire La Era Tower beside the river. Visitors can also walk along the different routes through both the urban area and the mountain. Trucios-Turtzioz holds many festivals all through the year. Its main festival takes place in the middle of August. Likewise, the cheese fair  aka Gazta Eguna (day of the cheese) - takes place on November 1, very popular in the area. After visiting every spot in Trucios-Turtzioz, visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Armañón Natural Park, located between this municipality and Karrantza.

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