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Urretxu is known as the hometown of Basque poet Jose María Iparraguirre, famous for its song "Gernikako Arbola" -the most international Basque hymn-.

Located near Zumarraga, Urretxu is situated in Alto Urola region, upon the river Urola and sheltered by the Irimo Mountain (896 m).

Urretxu's medieval Old Town keeps some ancestral homes and palaces like Corral de Ipeñarrieta tower-house (present Town Hall), Areizaga or Aizpuru Enea palaces. Outside the urban area, on the Irimo's slope, stands Ipeñarrieta palace. Referring to religious architecture, the church of San Martín de Tours is remarkable. This austere building made of stone and wood mixes inside some renaissance, gothic and baroque elements.

On the other hand, the fascinating Museum of Minerals and Fossils has a collection of over 1,000 crystal formations and fossil examples from different geological eras.

The "Askatasunaren Egarria" mausoleum (Thirst for Freedom) is also worth a visit. It was built in honour of José María Iparragirre in a square that got its name from the Basque poet.

Festivals and fairs

Urretxu celebrates Santa Anastasia's festival in mid-September. Those days are packed with entertaining events such as the "Euskal Jaia", where a float parade takes place.

We must also mention the different fairs taking place in Urretxu, e.g. the agricultural fair Santa Lucía (13th December) or the fair of minerals, fossils and gems (first weekend in November).

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