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Zalla is located in the historical territory of Bizkaia, in the heart of the Encartaciones region, in the valley of Salcedo, and surrounded by the river Cadagua.

The municipality offers different routes that allow the visitor the discovery of its treasures. The Way of Saint James passes through the village, an unavoidable meeting point for pilgrims. In spite of the most buildings' modernness, Zalla still keeps its valuable historic heritage.

We invite tourists to visit many singular constructions such as the baroque palace of Murga, which dates back to the 17th century, nowadays headquarters of the Town Council.

It has a beautiful coat of arms of the Salcedo and Ayala families on its facade. It should be noted that the parish church of San Miguel de Arcángel was built in the 12th century and extended in the 18th century, with a unique nave with ribbed vaults, two chapels, seven altars, a tower, a belfry and a portico. Among the most representative buildings in the village we will highlight the baroque church of Otxaran, the hermitage of San Pedro de Zarikete dating back to the 16th century, where a shoot of the Gernika Tree was planted, and finally the hermitage of San Antonio de Mella. The latter is crouched by the river Cadagua in the neighbourhood of La Herrera, just opposite the palace Urrutia, which has an ashlar facade that dates from the end of the 17th century. The way between both buildings was the royal path from Bilbao to Balmaseda.

Torre de Terreros

Torre de Terreros tower, one of the best kept in Las Encartaciones region, is located close to the hermitage of San Antonio de Mella on the other side of the river and surrounded by a rural surrounding. With 20 metres height, it is a magnificent sample of a defence construction, reminding us of the times when wars between clans took place. In the same neighbourhood close to the river we will find a recreational area very frequented by fishing lovers. It is equipped with nine tables, seats and barbecues. It is not the only recreational area by the river Cadagua. Bolumburu also has another are that includes a playground. Besides, a bike road covers the former train rail de la Robla fitted out as a promenade for walkers and bike riders.

Moreover, Zalla holds its Saint patron's festivals consecrated to Nuestra Señora del Rosario at the beginning of October. We cannot forget the popular Gangas fair, famous for its agricultural, cattle and bird fair, which is over 50 years.

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