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Near Bilbao, in the middle of Txorierri region, the river Asua floods through the flat lands where Zamudio is situated. Rural neighbourhoods and farmhouses contrast with the modernity of one of the most important technology parks in the Basque Country. Located in the downtown of Zamudio and surrounded by large green areas, in the Technology Park coexist modern companies with traditional rural houses.


Zamudio is a point to visit within the Way of St. James along the coast, in fact, it keeps a rich historical legacy. In Arteaga neighbourhood, and at both sides of road BI-737, we can see a complex consisting of the church of San Martin, the Zamudio Tower, the Cadalso noble house, the town hall (18th c.) and the mill Artea.


The church of San Martín, founded in 930 in Basque-gothic style, was rebuilt in the middle of the 17th century, getting some Renaissance characteristics. Next to the church we can find the great Zamudio Tower, made in ashlar in the 15th century and with an almost square plan. The tower is one of the best examples of typical constructions during the Late Middle Ages. Likewise, in Zamudio still stand five hermitages in different styles, for instance Santo Tomás and "San Antolón gothic- or San Bartolomé, San Miguel de Daños and Santimami" baroque-. We must also mention several megalithic remains found in the vicinity e.g. Hirumugarrieta from the Bronze Age- or funerary elements like steles.


Relating to festivities, Zamudio offers a wide range of events. In June we can attend the feast of Pentecost and on 11th November, the one of San Martin. There are also a livestock and agricultural fair taking place in November, where the cattle contest of Limusín race is to remark.

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