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Zarautz is an important tourist resort, equipped with many attractions that will captivate visitors for sure.

The town has a complete hotel and catering trade service, an exceptional environment and an old quarter very interesting from the artistic and architectural point of view.

Bathed by the Bay of Biscay, Zarautz is located in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa within the Urola-Kosta region. Its wide beach is enhanced by Santa Bárbara and Mollarri Cliffs and extends along 2,500 metres surrounded by a lived promenade full of coffee bars and terraces. The unmistakable colourful awnings and its fine and golden-colour sand turn the beach it into one of the most beautiful sandy areas of the coast of Gipuzkoa.

The beach is open to the sea and its spectacular waves are well known world-wide since Zarautz hosts an annual surf championship that is included in the world surf circuit. There is a dune area on the eastern area of the beach, at the end of the promenade by the estuary of the river Iñurritza. It is the vastest dune on the coast of Gipuzkoa and is declared protected biotope. A footbridge leads to the natural spot that is also shelter for many bird species.


The old quarter

The old quarter is home to interesting buildings and monuments turning it into one of the liveliest areas in Zarautz. Among constructions of architectural value we will highlight the parish church of Santa María de La Real, the convent of Franciscans, the nuns of the Order of Saint Clare, the Narros palace, Torre luzea, the tower-house of Zarauz, the Casa Dotorekua house and the Casa Portu house (current town council).

Zarautz is equipped with a complete hotel and catering trade service, perfect to taste the best local gastronomy. The fish is the basis for the typical Zarautz dishes, but we cannot forget products from country houses in the surroundings. All of it should be accompanied with a good txakoli with the guarantee and origin and quality of a wine, fresh and light white wine.

A hospitable, modern and quiet town, Zarautz has an unbeatable atmosphere especially in summertime. San Pelaio are the main festivals, held in June. The festive atmosphere extends until the Semana Grande (Big Week) and the "Euskal Jaiak" in September, which marks the end of the summer season.

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