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Located in the western area of Bizkaia's coast, Zierbena is famous for its port's fishing taste.

Despite undergoing a huge transformation due to the building of the port of Bilbao, it still keeps the charm of yesteryear with its fishing and pleasure boats. Along with the two beaches in town, they represent the main attraction of the coastal region. Thus, visitors will be filled with the smell of charcoal-grilled fish coming from the grillrooms and restaurants in the port.

In this place there is a 100 metres-long artificial beach that only appears when the tide is low. Because of calm waters, it is perfect for children swim, although the favourite one for visitors and locals is the 966 metres-long La Arena. This beautiful sandy area is well equipped with many recreational areas in the surroundings with tables, seats, barbecues, and so on.

The longest bidegorri (bike lane) in Bizkaia leaves by the beach. It is 11 kilometres long, 4 kilometres cross Zierbena and they lane continues towards Portugalete. Another traditional trip is the ascent to Punta Lucero (307m), an impressive vantagepoint from where spectacular views of the Bay of Biscay are nice to admire.

Heritage and festivals

Zierbena offers several interesting spots such as the parish church of San Román, which is located in the neighbourhood of La Cuesta, and dates back to the 12th century although it was rebuilt in 1880. Annexed to the construction we will admire the church of Nuestra Señora Virgen del Puerto. There are also more modern buildings worth underlining: the hermitage of San Ignacio de Loyola ý the only one still standing- and the Town Hall, inaugurated in 1997.

As for festivals, we will list numerous festivities taking place in the town's municipalities: San Ignacio, Virgen del Puerto and San Roque (July the 31st, August the 16th and 16th respectively) are the most important events although we cannot forget the seafood fair (September-October) or the Independence Day of Zierbena (October the 15th). Among the interests of the locals it should be noted that the regattas, of important tradition in town, are very interesting as Zierbena has one of the oldest rowing clubs in Bizkaia.

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