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Patxiku-Enea Erretegia

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    Patxiku-Enea Erretegia

Patxiku-Enea Erretegia

The aim of Patxiku-Enea is to give you an experience you'll never forget; and the fact is, the restaurant has everything it needs to do just this. Housed in an old farmstead with 200 years of history behind it at the foot of the mountain of Jaizkibel and surrounded by the characteristic deep green landscape of the Basque Country, this grill restaurant is a magical setting and a place that is as welcoming as it is comfortable and attractive. Naturally, all this is rounded off with a menu in which high-quality local produce plays a starring role, treated with loving care and respect to prepare dishes with a pure, unforgettable flavour. On the menu clients can find tasty entrées like grilled octopus and seafood soup. But without a doubt, the limelight belongs to Patxiku-Enea's fish and meat dishes. These include grilled dishes such as sea bream, Ondarroa anglerfish, sole, hake, neck of hake, wild turbot, Patxikuena rib (winner of the 5th national grilling competition) and shoulder of suckling lamb. In short, some unique dishes.

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+34 943 527 545