Euskadi Confidential

We are going to tell you a secret. You just need to be curious and delve a little deeper into things, or allow yourself to be guided along the way by those who really know them, to discover unexpected places and enjoy moments that are impossible to forget. In order for you to have a truly sensational stay, we have prepared a selection of authentic, exciting and inspiring experiences. You have a reservation in your name. An exclusive proposal for special travellers. Like you.

Image Origins


Being custodians of a cultural legacy that brings together elements as valuable as the Basque language makes us want to share our heritage with those who visit us.

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We Basques have a reputation for being reserved, but our particular style of understanding the pleasures of life gives us away.

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You will come across art in all its forms in the Basque Country: works by strangers who call you by your name. Which is when true intimacy occurs.

Image exclusiveness


You want to feel special. You are looking for things tailored to your needs, those unique experiences that cannot be recommended, nor imitated, and probably not even repeated. However, it is not easy to get them. And that is what makes them special. Uniqueness is at the heart of what is unforgettable.

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Basque cuisine is our way of saying how important you are to us.

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Restaurants, hotels, shops, courtesies, attention. Getting the most out of wherever we go is often a matter of habit.

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The true richness is in the experience. That is why we have created Euskadi Confidential, a selection of Premium tourist services which you can use to design a visit to suit your own personal tastes, unique and non-transferable. Because there is a Basque Country that is just right for you. And it is waiting for you.


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