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Church of Santa Maria (Güeñes)

  • Church of Santa Maria

Church of Santa Maria (Güeñes)

The church of Santa María was built in the 16th century. The temple merges Gothic (façade door and the first stretch) and Renaissance elements (rest of the church). It has three naves divided in four stretches, and the arches of the four-pointed stellar vaults rest on columns. The southern façade door is spectacular and richly decorated. It merges Gothic and Renaissance styles. The rear façade is a triumphal arch between pilasters. The high altarpiece, in polychromed wood, is one of the most notable pieces from the 17th century Baroque, the period's Classicist and severe phase. The church of Santa María hosts many other treasures inside: furniture, paintings and craftsmanship in precious metals, for instance.

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Plaza de Euskadi, 7  - 48840  Güeñes

Phone:   +34 946 690 004 (Town Council)Phone:  

+34 946 690 004 (Town Council)

Artistic style:

Gothic and Renaissance

Period :

16th century