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The Elkano restaurant in Getaria shows off three newly-awarded Repsol 'Suns'

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The Elkano restaurant in Getaria shows off three newly-awarded Repsol 'Suns'  

Seven Basque restaurants have been awarded one Repsol Sun: Kromatiko in Álava province, Aitor Rauleaga, Garena, Horma Ondo and Ola Martín Berasategui in Bizkaia, and Amelia and Hika in Gipuzkoa. 

The Basque Country has another restaurant boasting three Repsol guide Suns: Elkano, in Getaria. Aitor Arregi runs this seafood establishment, where the diversity of textures and flavours together with impeccable technique turn seafood into an extraordinary experience. 


Restaurants also showing off new Suns are Kromatiko in Álava province, Aitor Rauleaga, Garena, Horma Ondo and Ola Martín Berasategui in Bizkaia, and Amelia and Hika in Gipuzkoa. 


Kromatiko has revolutionised the capital of the Basque Country with a diverse menu influenced by all five continents. 


In the centre of Bilbao, Aitor Rauleaga delights diners with his traditional menu and his "spoon dishes" (soups and stews). In the old townOla Martín Berasategui, the restaurant in the Tayko Bilbao hotel, has a menu that combines classics by Martín Berasategui himself with contributions by Raúl Cabrera. In the locality of Dima, Julen Baz combines culinary innovation with tradition in Garena. And in Larrabetzu, Jayne Hardcastle and Mikel Bustinza delight diners with their grilled dishes at Horma Ondo


As regards Gipuzkoan restaurants, in Donostia-San Sebastián, Paulo Airaudo weaves together Argentinean, Italian and French influences in the kitchen at Amelia. Meanwhile, in Villabona, chef Roberto Ruiz raises beans to excellence at the Hika txakoli winery. 


With the new additions, the Basque Country now boasts a total of 62 featured restaurants: 9 with Three Suns, 15 with Two Suns and 38 with One Sun


Moreover, this year Eneko Atxa has earned a Sustainable Sun for his Azurmendi restaurant (holder of Three Suns in the Repsol guide). A new accolade from the Repsol guide and Alimentos de España (Foods of Spain) highlighting coexistence with nature, taking advantage of local resources and working together with artisan producers.  


The Repsol guide Suns were presented at an event held in the Basque Country, specifically in Donostia-San Sebastián, for the third year running. The ceremony was marked by a rigorous health security protocol. 

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