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Big Surf
Big Surf

Surfing EuskadiThe Basque coastline is one of the areas on the European Continent where big-wave surfing is most easily found. From the Estuary of Bilbao to Donostia, the capital of Guipuzkoa, both hardcore big wave riders and general surfing fans can experience all the power of the Bay of Biscay, and the intensity of its surf sessions will live long in their memories.. Theoretically, the best sessions occur in the autumn or winter season, from October to February,.but there are always surprises.

The experience of surfing these waves, or simply watching them, can leave no-one indifferent. However, it is necessary to be well-prepared.

The Big Wave Route
Punta Galea

La GaleaLocated at the mouth of the Port of Bilbao, this enigmatic wave can offer sessions of up to 18 feet. Situated below the cliff of La Galea, from which it takes its name, its closeness to the cliff-face and the nearby presence of rocky ridges makes it very dangerous. From the promenade of La Galea, the view of this wave is spectacular, with wide green open spaces set against a striking industrial landscape.


MeñakozProbably the most complete and powerful big wave of all the Basque coast. It is located in the cove of the same name between Sopelana and Barrika. The wave at Meñakoz can provide sessions of up to 21 feet, and is a veritable sanctuary for fans of traditional big wave surfing. It is possible to admire all the power of this wave from the cliff, or from the rocky cove itself which offers a frontal view of the wave.


MundakaYes, Mundaka can also form part of this big wave circuit when the sandbar hardens and the waves reach 15 ft., losing none of its characteristic power. You might experience the tube-ride of a lifetime, or alternatively, have to concentrate on simply surviving in the river mouth.. Whenever Mundaka is breaking. the sight from the local viewpoint is always spectacular, which is why there is a constant coming and going of fans and cameras, and a great atmosphere.


IzaroThe wave at Izaro is one of the biggest in Europe. When conditions are favourable, the waves can reach 30 feet. In these conditions, the only option is to try tow-surfing with the help of a jetski. The wave can be glimpsed from the road which joins the towns of Bermeo and Mundaka, but the best seats for this show are in the water.


DebaThe big-wave surfing location par excellence of the province of Gipuzkoa.. Known as Sorgin Zulo, it is a very powerful wave that moves a large mass of water. Ideal conditions are only found on a few occasions every year, but when it is working it is surfable up to 18 feet. Each and every surf session can be scrutinised from the seaside promenade in Deba.


Roka putaThe most active big-wave spot with the greatest number of surfers in the area of Zarautz., which is a true breeding ground of big-wave riders. It is a long, powerful wave that can reach 18ft. in favourable conditions. It is surfed both using jetski and with traditional boards. A truly spectacular waterpark where you can be observed by enthusiasts admiring the wave from different angles in the cove of Orrua, situated next to the road between Getaria and Zumaia.


Playa GrisBoasting various nominations for the prestigious World XXL Awards for big-wave surfing, Playa Gris is the European coastline´s most international wave with the greatest media presence. The images of tow-surfing in waves of more than 30 ft. in height have been seen all over the world. When it is working, there are huge traffic jams on the N-634 road which joins Getaria and Zumaia, but the spectacle that can be admired from a distance of only 100 metres is unforgettable.


The great unknown wave, having only been surfed on a very few occasions. It only allows tow-surfing. . It is an almost impossible wave which breaks very near to the cliff face and leaves no margin for error. Hidden behind the bay of La Concha, it is one of the many options of surfing “impossible waves” that the Basque Coast offers.


Ten minutes from Hendaye is the reef of Belharra, where we can find the biggest wave ever surfed in Europe. There have only been a small number of sessions since it began its new life as a surf spot, but the photographs and videos of these sessions seem almost science fiction: towering masses of water surfed by extremely brave tow-in teams. It can be admired from the road that joins Hendaye and Sokoa, but the distance means a good pair of binoculars will be needed. Another option is to approach it from the water.