Basque Country

Travelling with children

Family Tourism

Where to travel with kids: A lighthouse for sailing on the seven seas, a 360° tunnel where you can see sharks, theme parks with spectacular landscapes and more.

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Basque Maritime Museum

The objective of the museum is to contribute to the preservation, study and dissemination of the Basque Country's maritime history and heritage.

Basque Maritime Museum
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Bizkaia Bridge

Whether from Portugalete or from Getxo, we recommend that you board its famous gondola, which you can even do by car, and cross over to the other side. Youll see what an exciting experience it is.

Bizkaia Bridge
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The Cathedral of Santa María

The cathedral crypt has been converted into a museum where you can find out about the history of both the building and the city itself from panels and multimedia content. The journey goes from millions of years ago up to the present day.

The secrets of Vitoria cathedral

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