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Museum of Salt

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Museum of Salt

The museum shows the salt-production facilities used for centuries in Leintz-Gatzaga, an industry that is closely related to the foundation of the town and to its economic development throughout history.


The museum describes the history of salt miners in the very place where the salt was extracted, thanks to the effort made to preserve and reconstruct some of its most significant elements.

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Address: Dorleta Jauregia, s/n  - 20530  Leintz Gatzaga
Phone: +34 943 714 792Phone: +34 943 714 792
Opening hours:

Guided visits:

Sat, Sun, and public holiday: Basque : 12pm / Spanish: 1pm. Every day by previous appointment for groups (943 714 792).

No. of rooms: 4
Capacity: 63