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Itsasmuseum Bilbao Museum

Located on the former site of the outbuildings of the Euskalduna shipyard, the goal of this museum is to inform visitors about the heritage created by maritime activities at the Bilbao Estuary, and about the maritime world in general.


The outside area, which extends over 20,000 square metres, houses the old dock area of the Euskalduna shipyard. It provides shelter to vessels, the "Casa de Bombas" pump-house and the unique Carola shipbuilding crane.


Inside the museum, meanwhile, the exhibition revolves around three key themes: "The Estuary: a seaport", "The Estuary: a market and factory" and "The Estuary: a shipyard". The museum houses a variety of restored vessels, as well as the latest technological advances, such as simulators, and sets off on a journey through Bilbao's maritime history.

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Muelle Ramón de la Sota, 1  - 48013  Bilbao

Phone:   +34 946 085 500Phone:  

+34 946 085 500

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday: 11am to 7pm

Free admission on Tuesdays (except July and August)

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