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Aulesti is located in the historical territory of Bizkaia, in the Lea-Artibai region, between Markina and Lekeitio.

Iluntzar and Bedartzandi mountains surround the municipality, formed by the town centre and seven main neighbourhoods: Goierri, Ibarrola, Narea, San Anton, Urriola and Zubero. Aulesti has many culturally and historically interesting spots and buildings.

We will begin our trip in the parish church of San Juan Bautista, located in the middle of the municipality, as is the case of Ibañez de Aldekoa Palace; from there we will approach Pedro Ibañez de Aulesti Tower-house, a high-quality building that gave its name to the municipality.

Many hermitages and caves

Besides, we should mention the hermitages in Aulesti, such as San Juan de Murelaga, Elizatxu, San Lorenzo and, above all, the hermitage of Santa Eufemia. Moreover, caves are spread all over the landscape: Kobaburu, Txantxane, Lezate Kobie and Zuluka. The municipality is famous because of its wide green areas and its country houses, spread over the rural neighbourhoods.

Thus, it is an ideal spot for a relaxed holiday. We can go for a walk to Errekondo park, located on the bank of the river, or to the hermitage of Santa Eufemia, surrounded by beech trees. Apart from the festivals celebrated in its neighbourhoods, Aulesti's patron saint festival is consecrated to San Juan, on June 24th; likewise, in the middle of September the hermitage of Santa Eufemia hosts a very popular festival.

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