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Church of San Andrés (Ibarrangelu)

The San Andrés church, located on a mountainside in the town of Ibarrangelu, was built in the 16th century in order to replace another medieval church. The current building has a single nave and its high choir was built with Renaissance ashlar walls. In addition, the exterior of the church boasts a stunning tower, which is topped by a sculpture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. However, the most striking feature of the San Andrés de Ibarrangelua church is its beautiful groined vault, made from wood, in the interior of the church; it is widely accepted that the church's polychrome coffered ceiling is one of the most unique in the Iberian peninsula. It is also worth noting that the church's most complex artwork can be found on the three vaults which cover the chancel.

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Religious buildings
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Parish church

Barrio Elejalde - 48311 Ibarrangelu
Artistic style
16th century


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